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HORUS ENERGIE ALTERNATIVA is a Romanian small enterprise that started in 2011 its activity in the sectors of Research and Development in the field of engineering, Production of electric generators from renewable sources, Production of cogeneration and trigeneration systems.

It is a company strongly driven towards technological innovation and the search for sustainable solutions and in the field of energy efficiency and distributed generation. In particular, it designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge products and solutions for the alternative energy and energy efficiency markets, with a view to the new philosophy represented by distributed generation. The strong eco-friendly approach that Horus E.A. intends to give to its activities, it is directly derived from the company from which union was generated.

The Company's Administrator is Domenico Mazzone , is involved in the implementation of innovation, industrial research and experimental development projects for the realization, in particular for SMEs, of new products, processes or services through advanced technologies in the Industry 4.0 field and industrial IoT applications.

Horus E.A. is focused on research and experimental development in the field of nanotechnology and biotechnology engineering, research and development in the field of renewable energy production, applied research in the industrial sector, also in collaboration with national and international institutes and research centers; assistance in the introduction and adaptation of new technologies and processes in existing activities; design, management and promotion of industrial research projects and or experimental development and technological innovation. HORUS ENERGIE ALTERNATIVA has set up a research laboratory equipped with all the functional utilities and the necessary IT infrastructure at its headquarters. Currently, HORUS ENERGIE ALTERNATIVA works on R&D project "RECOMLABS” funded by UEFISCDI in the context of INCOMERA-2017

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